Our top services

Hotel and Public forums

Hotels, Resturaunts, Gyms, Beauty Salons, or anywhere that has public footfall who wants a high quality walk in enviornment

Business Events

Stand out from the crowd, and make your business event something to remember by adding that quality splash that only lily White can produce

Art Work, Statues, and other decor

Working with local artists / Photogrophers and Scuplyures Lily White can help you source that very different and special centre peace to any office / work / or public venue

Office Space

The workplace is often regarded as some place we HAVE to be, rather then WANT to be. We can transform this into a place you actually look forwad to going to,

Weddings / Events

A special occasion deserves to be remembered. A wide range of plants and flowers, selected, delivered and displayed for your guests or viewing public.

Health & Safety

  • Full on-site assessments before planning/installation – We do ‘the worrying’ so that you don’t have to!

Environment Enchancment


Everything you need to brighten up your day . . . and more!

  • A wide range of indoor plants to suit every type of working environment
  • Delivery and installation to suit you
  • Routine maintenance carried when required depending on the type of plant (Water, feed, prune, clean, etc. With minimum disruption to your working day)
  • Plant pest control
  • Free Replacement plants (for any that fail due to natural causes)
  • Routinely rotated – quarterly, bi-annually or annually
  • Pots – as well as plants – maintained
  • Servicing fitted in around you
  • Christmas tree delivery, installation and collection service (*Not decorated!)
  • Christmas decoration service, including wreaths, garlands, decorations etc

and picture this:

  • A range of artwork to compliment and enhance office décor
  • Acrylics, Oils, Watercolours, Photographs – Wherever possible, using local artists





Why Hire from Lily White?

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    First Impressions Count
    First impressions count is an old saying but very true, if you want your client/ customer to have a lasting impression of a company who not only can they do business with but are up and coming and are not afraid to have spent money on what could be classed as a luxury item ( only we know you rent!) then our products are just what you need, we can upgrade your office, hotel, etc. by using our products which will give impact and demonstrate that as a company you care. You could of course purchase the items yourself but you would have the outlay and need someone to look after them especially with indoor plants hiring our products and maintenance from us means all this is taken care of from day one.
  • 2
    The financial and health benefits of plants in the workplace.
    The presence of plants cuts costs by reducing absenteeism and improving productivity and, in addition, staff are happier and healthier.
    Can your business NOT afford plants in the workplace?
    The issues.
    Modern buildings are virtually hermetically sealed-trapping airborne pollutants indoors.
    Harmful airborne pollutants are emitted from many common office items such as printers, copiers, furnishings, carpets, cleaning materials etc.
    The interior environment can be 5 to 7 times more polluted than outdoors.
    Air conditioning results in low humidity levels and recycles pollutants.
    Even in offices with good climatic control 25% of staff are dissatisfied with the working environment.
    Airborne contaminants are thought to be a major cause of "sick building syndrome"
    Business generally is under increasing pressure to establish its green credentials.
    Indoor air pollution and low humidity are now ranked in the top five threats to public health.
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    The health benefits
    Plants filter and purify the air leading to a significant reduction in the symptoms of exposure to airborne pollutants:
    Fatigue – 20%
    Headaches – 45%
    Sore/dry throat – 30%
    Cough – 40%
    Dry facial skin – 25%
    Plants control humidity to within the optimum range for human health. Humidity levels play a underestimated and important role in human health. When humidity levels are too low, individuals are more likely to develop viral infections; when humidity is too high, vulnerability to disease increases.
    Plants absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. This obviously reduces your carbon footprint but also the increased oxygen level refreshes the air and you – leading to increased concentration and productivity (in various studies between 10%-15% increase).
    These benefits, and many others, are underpinned by a wealth of research.