More about our team

Paul and Megan Dovey are a husband-and-wife team who have, together, owned and run Dig It Landscapes - based in Pontypool - since 2004.

Paul joined British Steel straight after leaving school and worked his way up to the position of Foreman, before ill-health forced him to leave, after twenty-eight-years service. Paul was devastated.

It was fortunate however, he was able to find work with local landscaping companies and even some landscaping for the local council, until landing a more permanent position with a local contractor: ‘Permanent’ that is, until just before Christmas 2003, that company went into liquidation.

Paul, once again, found himself to be out of work - but not for long!

Over the Christmas period, he and Megan had endless discussions about what the immediate future might hold, but in January 2004, whilst at the Job Centre, the idea of starting his own landscaping business first came to mind.

Paul had little doubt about his capabilities as a grounds man/gardener – but he did have reservations about the administrative-side of running his own business. Megan, however, was ‘ready, willing and able’ to undertake that responsibility, and so together, they set about putting plan into action.

‘Dig It Landscapes’ was founded in February 2004 – and the week before it officially started trading began with the posting of ‘hundreds’ of home-made leaflets through the front doors of local houses . . . with remarkable results! By midday-of-day-one, five appointments had been made for Paul to call back – and by the end of the week, another local – and retiring - landscaper had introduced Paul to eleven of his regular customers!

Today, Dig It Landscapes continues to flourish and boasts a formidable portfolio of regular clientele – some of whom date back to when the business first began.

Prior to forming their own company together, Megan had had many years in retail management and more latterly, had run her own successful Interior Design business. In the home, that can relate to everything from the texture and shade of the carpet, to the ceiling colour, and everything in-between.

We’re artistically proud of our homes, both inside and out, and every effort is expended to get it looking ‘just right!’

The work place, however, is often regarded as some place we have to be, rather than some place we want to be. Yet with the practised-eye of a professional, Megan can transform your work environment, turning it into a place you actually look forward to going to – and by doing so, invigorate your enthusiasm for the tasks that lay ahead.


Whythe name Lily White


The inspiration behind the name


Lily Florence Grimes (as she was named from birth) was the much-loved and inspirational Grandmother, of Megan.

She was one of ‘many’ children but sadly never even met some of her older brothers. They were already ‘young men’ before Lily was born, and had been enlisted to fight in the First World War where, sadly, they were killed-in-action.

On the lighter-side, she had an older sister named . . . Florence Lily! It became a ‘family joke’ that their mother had had so many children she simply ‘ran out of names’ – but the truth of it, is that both names were favourites of her mother, and she simply decided there was no good reason why she shouldn’t use them, twice!

Lily grew up to become a nurse, and only gave up that profession after meeting and eventually marrying, the love of her life, Cecil White. (In those days, married women were not allowed to be nurses! – Lily had to choose, one-or-the-other, because she couldn’t have both!)

Sadly, Cecil passed-away at an early age, leaving Lily to bring up their two children, an older daughter (who already had her own daughter, Megan!) and a twelve-year-old son, alone – but she was a strong-willed and determined lady, who would always find a way to achieve whatever it was she’d set her mind-upon.  

Lily had ‘the eye for detail’ and loved films. Her two favourites were ‘Gone With The Wind’ and ‘The Sound of Music’ – which between the two, she saw nearly thirty-times! The more she watched them, the more she noticed the editing-errors: the change of colour in a top, or an object missing or added in the background of a scene!

She was also very adventurous, and was one of the first women of that age to go up in an aeroplane – which she then sought to do, time-and-again, for the rest of her life! She was also fascinated by (and flew several times in,) helicopters, as well fast cars, fast horses – in fact, anything which involved an element of sport, speed and danger!

Whilst giving the outward public appearance of being a refined and gentle lady – which she truly was – she also had ‘a backbone of steel’ and, far from bringing them up to believe ‘a woman’s place was in the home,’ she actively encouraged her daughters, grand-daughters, and great grand-daughters, to believe that they could achieve anything they wanted in life, as long as they wanted it badly enough, and were prepared to work hard for it, along the way.

Lily White was a great lady, a great Grandmother – and above all, a great source of friendship and inspiration, to Megan.


The Lily White Company is so-named, in honour and memory, of her.



Why choose us?

We are Passionate about what we do! OK yes you have heard this before ! BUT.. We really are, from running a landscape gardening company for many years our knowledge and passion for planets of all sorts of enviormental helping products are the footnote of where Lily White begins.

However we offer so much more...

As you may have read Megan has past experience of Interior Design, and so that experience with our enviormental knowledge and passion of fine quality and comfiting art, is why Lily White can do so much more then other compaines in the same industry.

We do not work for everybody, there is a criteria in which all potential customers must fit into, this ensures that our service and quality remain of the upmost standard or quality and design.

We have taken our time to ensure that all of our supliers are also the best standard and quality that their indusry can offer.

lily White work with Local and independant artists and designers to supply our Artwork, this brings more work to local business owners and independant artists and also ensure that Lily White work with people who are also passionate about their business.