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Work Place Comfort

Your office needn’t be all office!

Of course, every work space has to be equipped with the furniture and appliances required to operate from successfully... But we aim to make it so much more

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Our Team

What do you get when you cross a

professional interior designer, with a professional landscape gardener and a passion for all things unique?

Lily White

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Let us design your perfect thoughts

Every good artist may start with blank canvas, but in the mind of its creator, the image has already been painted, and changed, a thousand times! Lily White can improve your workplace

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Top Quality Products

Our products are only for top quality locations, would you like to feature a Lily White product? Why not give us a call to find out more, and see if you qualify to be part of our experience.


Welcome to the Lily White web

We provide Superior Interiors – By Design!

Welcome to the Lily White web site!

On this and the accompanying pages, we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of nature (and complimentary accessories). . . indoors!

We provide Superior Interiors – By Design!

A visually pleasing work place helps make work, more of a pleasure! If we can make you – and your staff, your customers, - actually look forward to going into your work place, then our work, ‘is done!’

We can transform and enlighten even the gloomiest of rooms! You may not be able to change the layout or the décor, but we can add vibrant colour, perfumed aromas, beautiful pictures, objet d’art, to suit all tastes and designs.

At Lily White, we’re only limited by our imagination. And our imagination is unlimited!

Surveys have shown that a well designed interior at the work place reflects positively on the employer. It helps emanate the impression of a ‘warm and friendly’ business that can be trusted. Organised, professional, caring and concerned, about its business and its people. It’s an image that every company should strive for! . . . Does yours?


Recent Projects

Here are a few pictures of recent projects we have undertaken

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recentprojects recentprojects

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    May 30th Launch

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