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Superior Interior – By Design !

Putting ‘a breath of fresh air’ into your work place!

If your work environment doesn’t fill you with ‘the joys of Spring’ – irrespective of what time of the year it is, outside - then Lily White may just have the perfect solution, by creating the illusion of bringing the great outdoors, indoors!

If you’re planning an indoor event and you really want to impress, from table decorations to stage, podium or reception decoration, we have the green fingers and expert knowledge to make others turn green with envy!

Plants are not just beautiful to look at; they also produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, (and other harmful chemicals!) help dehumidify a room, and have a proven ability to reduce the negative effects of air conditioning.

They are also proven to reduce absenteeism and ‘sick building syndrome,’ by creating an environmentally healthy atmosphere in which people are generally, happier to be!  

The modern day office is crammed-full of electrical technology – from computers to telephones, and every ‘gadget’ in between! Most, if not all, generate a dry, energy-sapping heat.

To help combat this, many work places have installed air conditioning . . . but that too, can bring with it a host of other maladies, including increased breathing difficulties (particularly for asthma sufferers,) coughing, sneezing, itchy-skin, sore nasal passages, frequent colds, ear infections, headaches, allergic reactions, irritated throats, and watery (or dry) eyes!

Many of us spend almost as much time in the work place as we do at our homes.

And whilst our homes may be crammed-full of electrical equipment too, there is usually a distinctive difference between the two environments.

Plants and decorative accessories unconsciously help us to remain relaxed and less prone to the stresses and strains of everyday life. They add colour and vibrancy to our homes, so why not our offices or work place – where we spend a large part of every day?



First Impressions make for Lasting Memories.

The installation of a few well-placed and appropriate plants, pictures and accessories - seasonally changed if required – has an instant ‘feel-good’ factor that has a lasting effect.

The Lily White Company specialises in providing aesthetically pleasing plant life and visually stunning accessories to compliment and refresh your existing décor theme (or help create one, if you haven’t!).

And as all of their products are only rented to you – with a full maintenance program, carried out at a time specified by you, to minimise any disruption to your working day – there is comparatively little cost with potentially huge benefits, to a well-planned thought-provoking working environment.

And there are other considerations too!

Just how much time is spent putting up the Christmas decorations? Where are they kept for the rest of the year? When were they last checked for signs of wear and tear, or when were they last replaced? . . . And wouldn’t it be ‘just great’ if all you had to do each year, was decorate the tree – installed overnight, by Lily White!

Christmas aside, what message do you want to convey to staff and visitors alike? A healthy, happy, professional and friendly place to be? If the work place looks good, it will have a measurable knock-on effect on everybody that has the good fortune to enter!


Our Reviews

  • A Very Professional Service

    We thought we would write to express our gratitude at your very professional service and the way in which your staff are dedicated to customer service.
    From the first meeting it was clear customer needs were paramount and we were able to discuss our needs and this progressed to your product which we named as “Audrey”.

    “Audrey”  is flourishing well and with your regular maintenance plan in place it is reassuring to know we have very little to do to maintain.

    I have no hesitation in recommending Lilywhite as a first class professional service that delivers exactly what is promised with a professional attitude and with a minimum of disruption to our daily tasks.

    We at Allsorts Training look forward to a long trading relationship and we will be recommending you to our clients.

    Kind Regards
    Steve Gregory (Director)
    Allsorts Training Academy Ltd